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Games Laboratory - $500+ Modern GPT Sydney


Games Laboratory
328 Little Lonsdale St 3000 Melbourne Australia
Modern with $500+ in cash prizes.
If we get 40+ players we’ll make it $750+ prizes!!
If we get 60+ players we’ll make it $1000+ prizes!!

There's prizes based on swiss finish for X-0, X-1, and X-2, plus additional payouts to the top 8.
This means the prizes also scale with the number of players, above are just the guaranteed minimums! E.g. with 50 players without draws there's up to $900 in prizes given out.

This is also a grand prix trial so first place includes 2 byes at GP: Sydney! Watch your less fortunate friends battle for survival as you relax in the glory of your first 2 wins!

All Grand Prix Trials have a 3X Planeswalker Points multiplier, a great way to earn byes even if you don’t win the event.

$25 Entry

Registration open 10:00-10:50 for a 11:00 sharp start. Late players will receive penalties.

$500+ in cash prizes distributed to players X-2 or better.

This is a Competitive Event and will require a decklist – we'll be accepting online submissions, alternatively bring one with you or come with enough time to write one out on the day.

Check out our Competitive Event info page for more helpful tips.